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Pickling Emporium

Drake and Long - Pickles for the Perceptive Palate

Pickle: c.1440, probably from M.Du. pekel "pickle, brine," from a Low Ger. root of uncertain origin or meaning (cf. Du. pekel, E.Fris. päkel, Ger. pökel). Originally a sauce served with meat or fowl; meaning "cucumber preserved in pickle" first recorded 1707. Figurative sense of "sorry plight" first recorded 1562.

Preservéd Bounty
(Anonymous, with apologies to Gerard Manly Hopkins)

Glory be to God for bottled things —
    For pies all mustard-crusted in the pantry now;
        For garlic copper-coloured from ginger and wine;
Well-seasoned onions in plaited strings;
    Pâtés potted and spiced — boar, venison, cow;
        And allspice, relish, piccalillis fine.

All eggs devilled, balsamical, cured, soused;
    Whatever is pickled, preservéd (who cares how?)
        With clove, sloe; sweet, sour; astringent, brine;
We muster forth from larders where they're housed:
                                                                                  Now dine.

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